Actor Wong Felix

Felix Wong Yat Wah is an actor from Hong Kong, and was born on September 4th, 1961. He graduated from TVB Artist Training Class in 1979, and proceeded to act on a number of shows for TVB, along with a number of movies. He is best known for his acting on numerous TVB series.In the 1980's, Felix Wong Yat Wah was known as one of the "Five Tiger Generals of TVB," who were the most popular actors on the station at the time. One of Felix Wong Yat Wah's most well known roles was as Guo Jing in the series "The Legend of the Condor Heroes." Some of his other series included "Soldier of Fortune," "The Foundation," and "Young Detective." Felix Wong Yat Wah filmed series continuously through much of the 1980's, rarely having time for his family, and often sleeping in the bathroom or on set somewhere. Felix Wong Yat Wah is now semi-retired, and will mostly film movies. His favorite activities include bowling and playing soccer.Source:


Actor Wong Felix
  • Name:

    Wong Felix
  • Native name:

  • Nationality:

    Hong Konger
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  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
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