Actor Songpaisarn Yook

Son comes from a well off family; his father is the Captain of Thai Airlines, his mother used to be an air hostess, and his younger sister is currently studying in Canada. Education is his number one priority, some semesters he would get a GPA of 3.66 or even 3.96, and he's quite active in school activities. Son's entertainment career started from the 9th grade as he was featured in commercials, magazines, fashion/promotional events, and various music videos (most notably "Poo Chai Jai Yen" by Four-Mod). He earned the opportunity to fulfill his love for singing in 2013 with Grammy's subsidiary label, Frontage, leading the Kaen Sanaeha OST with “Jai Aoei (Oh My Heart)” and releasing his ballad “Roem Ton Rak Gan Mai (Back to Love)” (credit to Deday)


Actor Songpaisarn Yook
  • Name:

    Songpaisarn Yook
  • Native name:

    ยุกต์ ส่งไพศาล
  • Also Known as:

    Yuke Songpaisan, Yuk, Son (สน)
  • Nationality:

  • Gender:

  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
  • Age: