Actress Matsuda Miyuki

At the age of 17 she appeared in a television series, Tantei Monogatari, starring Yusaku Matsuda, who was then married. They started a relationship, causing the divorce of Yusaku from his first wife Michiko, and married in 1983 when their son Ryuhei was born. They had two more children: a second son, Shota (born 1985) and a daughter (born 1988).She appeared as Ryo Ishibashi's dead wife in the movie Audition (1999). In 2009 she was the executive producer for the documentary "Soul Red: Yusaku Matsuda" about her husband's life and death.


Actress Matsuda Miyuki
  • Name:

    Matsuda Miyuki
  • Native name:

    松田美由紀 (まつだ みゆき)
  • Nationality:

  • Gender:

  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
  • Age: