Actor Li Jean

Li Jiahang is a young Chinese mainland actor, who was born in An’shan, Liaoning. He graduated from Shanghai Theater Academy in 2010. Although he is a newcomer, he has already made a name with his works. For example, in the New Princess Pearl,he plays the role as Fu Er kang. The audience are deeply moved by Er Kang’s true love to Ziwei, and they appreciate Li Jiahang’s acting skills. Also, in another hot teleplay Ipartment II, he plays the part as Zhangwei, a young and poor lawyer, and this role is funny, always making mistakes, which takes the fancy of the audience. He is getting more and more opportunities now. He can play many different kinds of roles. [Taken from Wikipedia]


Actor Li Jean
  • Name:

    Li Jean
  • Native name:

  • Also Known as:

    Li Jia Hang
  • Nationality:

  • Gender:

  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
  • Age: