Actor Kim Joon

Kim Joon (born Kim Hyung Joon), is a South Korean rapper, actor, and model who rose to stardom with his portrayal of Song Woo Bin, one of the famous F4 in KBS2's 2009 hit drama Boys Over Flowers. Kim debut as a member of boyband T-Max in 2007, as a rapper and a songwriter for the group. Their song entitled "Paradise" was featured in the first edition of the Boys Over Flower soundtrack. Kim enlisted for his mandatory military service on 29 September 2011 and he's was discharged of the military in June 28, 2013.


Actor Kim Joon
  • Name:

    Kim Joon
  • Native name:

  • Also Known as:

    Kim Jun, Kim Hyeong Jun, Kim Hyeong Joon, Gim Hyeong Jun, Gim Hyung Jun, Gim Hyeong Joon, Gim Hyung Joon, Gim Jun, Kim Chun,
  • Nationality:

    South Korean
  • Gender:

  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
  • Age: