Actress Kawashima Umika

Kawashima Umika is a Japanese idol, singer, and actress. She is a former member of the Japanese girl group 9nine. Her solo single "Maji de Koi Suru 5 Byō Mae/Ichigo Iro no Kimochi", on the Watashi no Yasashikunai Senpai soundtrack, reached #46 on the Oricon chart. As an actress, she played in numerous Japanese TV series and movies.The actresses she idolizes are Aoi Miyazaki, Yui Aragaki and Kou Shibasaki. She has stated that she would like to collaborate with Masaharu Fukuyama. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters at Meiji University with a degree in psychology in 2016.Since 2006, Kawashima has appeared in numerous television dramas and movies. In 2007 she joined the female idol group 9nine, however, she announced her graduation from the group in 2016 to focus on her acting career. She appeared for her final performance with the group during "9nine LIVE 2016," BEST 9 Tour" after being with the group for nine and a half years. [6] Early 2016, it was announced that Kawashima would become a regular alongside Masu Taichi on the television program ZIP!. Kawashima commented, "Now is the time to move forward. I want to present an exciting program without any accidents."(Source: Wikipedia)


Actress Kawashima Umika
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    Kawashima Umika
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    July 18, 1978
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