Actress Angela Baby

Angela Yeung Wing, popularly known by her star name Angelababy, is a model and actress from Hong Kong. Her "star name" came from the combination of her legal given name "Angela" and her nickname her family gave her "Baby".Angelababy's career began when she was spotted by Style International Inc. at the age of 17 and entered the modeling industry that year. She then featured as a dancer in Jay Chou's concert in Hong Kong. Huang Xiao Ming married Angelababy (co-star in movie Silent Separation) on May 25th 2015 in Qingdao.


Actress Angela Baby
  • Name:

    Angela Baby
  • Native name:

  • Also Known as:

    楊穎, Angelababy, Yeung Wing, Angela Baby Yang Ying, Angelababy Yang, Angela Yang Ying, Angelababy Yeung Wing,
  • Nationality:

    Hong Konger
  • Gender:

  • Born:

    July 18, 1978
  • Age: