Zebra (2016)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2016

Zebra (2016)

Shimauma, シマウマ

Movie , Action , Drama , Manga , Mature , Japan | 103 min

5.9 907 10 0


Dora and associates run a badger game scheme to extort victims out of money. One day, though, their target looks like an ordinary guy, but he turns out to be a yakuza. Dora and his associates fall into a far darker world. Dora steps into a business that offers to take revenge on others by any means necessary.


Ryusei Ryo Dora Main Role
Suga Kenta Aka Main Role
Hinami Kyoko Kiinu Main Role
Fukushi Seiji Koji Amikawa Supporting Role
Waki Tomohiro Yoshida Supporting Role
Sugawara Daikichi Supporting Role
Matsuda Kenji Kitajima Supporting Role
Yashiba Toshihiro Supporting Role
Ozawa Ryota Supporting Role
Kato Masaya Shimauma Supporting Role
Takahashi Maryjun Aya Supporting Role


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