The Treacherous (2016)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2016
  • Director: Min Kyu-Dong

The Treacherous (2016)

Ganshin, Treacherous Retainer, Treacherous Subjec, 간신

Movie , Drama , Historical , Mature , Korean | 133 Mins

6.1 3955 10 0


Prince Yeon San becomes engulfed with insanity as he kills those responsible for his mother's death. He appoints his longtime friend Im Sung Jae and his father to the position of retainer. They are then ordered to round up beautiful women from all parts of the country to pleasure Prince Yeon San. Women are taken regardless of their marriage status or social class, which causes widespread anger. Dan Hee is a beautiful woman, but she is a butcher from the lowest class. She saves Im Sung Jae from danger and then begs him to take her to the palace. Im Sung Jae refuses for his own personal reasons. Nevertheless, Dan Hee soon enters the palace. Im Sung Jae becomes conflicted and the Prince lusts after the beautiful Dan Hee.


Im Ji Yeon Dan Hee Main Role
Lee Yoo Young Seol Jung Mae Main Role
Kim Kang Woo Prince Yeon San Main Role
Joo Ji Hoon Im Sung Jae Main Role
Chun Ho Jin Im Sa Hong [Sung Jae's father] Supporting Role
Jang Gwang [Prime minister of the Joseon dynasty] Supporting Role
Song Young Chang Yu Ja Gwang [Head of Ministry of Noble Leaders] Supporting Role
Kim Kang Il Jang Ri Supporting Role
Jo Han Chul Park Won Jong [Head of ministry of military] Supporting Role
Jung In Ki [Head of Sungkyunkwan] Supporting Role
Ki Joo Bong Mr. Kim [Butcher] Supporting Role
Cha Ji Yeon Jang Nok Soo / Singer voice Supporting Role
Choi Il Hwa Kim Il Son Guest Role
Kim Sun Ha [His Excellency Jo's only daughter] Guest Role
Kim Ji Young [Deposed queen lady Yoon's mother] Guest Role
Go Gyeong Pyo Jung Jong of Joseon Guest Role
Moon Hee Kyung [Discipline court lady] Guest Role
Son Soo Hyeon [Hunting ground woman] Guest Role
Seo Ji Seung [Prime minister of the Joseon dynasty's daughter] Guest Role
Kim Hee Chang [Court physician] Guest Role
Seo Young Joo Yeong Soong Jae Guest Role
Jung Man Shik [Assassin] Guest Role
Maeng Bong Hak [Tongue cut off man] Guest Role
Shim Eun Jin [Yonggonggak owner] Guest Role
Kang Hyeon Joong [Neungjoo people] Guest Role
Kim Do Young [Inkeeper] Guest Role
Park Myeong Shin [Queen's mother] Guest Role
Oh Chang Kyeong [Gambler] Guest Role
Park Sang Hun [Kim Il Son beheaded government army] Guest Role
Lee Do Ah [A girl among 10,000 beauties] Guest Role
Park Joo Hee Dancer at congratulatory banquet Guest Role
Jo Ah Ra [Unpyeong 1st team] Guest Role
Kim Jong Goo His Excellency Jo Guest Role

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Movie , Drama , Historical , Mature , Korean

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