The Song of Cotton (2016)


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  • Release: 2016

The Song of Cotton (2016)


Movie , Drama , Chinese | 90 min

5.6 616 10 0


"The Song of Cotton" based on the America's National Book Award and the PEN/Hemingway Award winner China-born author Ha Jin's novel "A Pension Plan". The young woman Mianhua ("Cotton") gets a job that she has no past experience of: a full-time caretaker. Her client is an old stubborn boxer who suffers from Alzheimer's disease with a son (with his later wife) living overseas taking no care of him, and a daughter with his ex-wife who hires Mianhua. Yet the daughter distrusts and despises all nannies for "knows only lying, abusing, and taking advantages"; so is her attitude towards Mianhua. Under the same roof, however, the old man and Mianhua start to develop a trusty and warm relationship over time where he even starts to mistake Mianhua as his ex-wife whom he owed a love debt to. All of a sudden, Mianhua finds out that she got pregnant...


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