The Con Artists (2014)


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  • Release: 2014

The Con Artists (2014)

Gisooljadeul, The Technicians, Criminal Designer, The Professionals, 기술자들

Movie , Action , Thriller , Korean | 116 Min

6.5 2564 10 0


Ji Hyeok is an elite safe-cracker and counterfeiter. He works with Koo In who introduces him to elite hacker Jong Bae. There's rumors that Jong Bae has betrayed other partners in his past. Nevertheless, the trio decide to work together to steal valuable diamonds held within a secret vault at a high-end jewelry store. The jewelry store is owned by President Jo. Meanwhile, President Jo is in search of an elite safe-cracker to help him steal millions of dollars stored within a Korean customs area in Incheon, South Korea.


Go Chang Seok Koo In Main Role
Jo Yoon Hee Eun Ha Main Role
Kim Woo Bin Ji Hyeok Main Role
Im Joo Hwan Department Head Lee Main Role
Lee Hyun Woo Jong Bae Main Role
Kim Yeong Cheol President Jo Main Role
Jo Dal Hwan [Hairy man] Supporting Role
Kim Geun Bae [Jeweler's Police 2] Supporting Role
Ji Seung Hyun [Detective #1] Supporting Role
Shin Goo Director Oh Supporting Role
Im Yeong Sik [Customs control room man 2] Supporting Role
Shim Hoon Gi [Smuggler #1] Supporting Role
Jung Man Shik Prosecutor Supporting Role
Heo Jun Seok [Detective #2] Supporting Role
Shin Seung Hwan Detective Gong Supporting Role
Jung Ji Yoon [New Technician assistant #1] Guest Role
Kim Sun Ha [Customs female employee] Guest Role
Kim Bang Won [Skyscraper guard #2] Guest Role
Lee Jae Won [Tracksuit 4] Guest Role
Yoon Gi Chang [Detective #3] Guest Role
Jeong Seong Il [Henchman #1] Guest Role
Heo Ji Won [Henchman #2] Guest Role
Kim Jang Won [Henchman #4] Guest Role
Oh Il Yeong [Sweatsuit #1] Guest Role
Choi Jeong Hyeon [Suit #5] Guest Role
Lee Sang Min [Skyscraper guard #7] Guest Role
Im Chang Jung [Criticized chef] Guest Role
Jang Ji Geon [Sweatsuit #3] Guest Role
Ban Hye Ra [Semi Castle owner] Guest Role
Han Ji Eun [Reporter] Guest Role
Kim Ji Woon [Suit #1] Guest Role
Choi Yeong Min [Henchman #3] Guest Role
Kim Jun Goo [Detective #4] Guest Role
Cha Tae Hyun [New technician] Guest Role
Seo Ji Hee Eun Ha [Young] Guest Role
Kim Dong Hee [Sweatsuit #2] Guest Role
Sa Hee [New Technician assistant #2] Guest Role
Choi Daniel [Gallery representative] Guest Role
Oh Gwang Rok Professor Min Guest Role

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Movie , Action , Thriller , Korean

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