Ordinary Person (2017)


  • Broadcast period: 23/03/2017 to ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017

Ordinary Person (2017)

Botong Salam, Ordinary People, 보통 사람

Movie , Action , Detective , Drama , Korean | 121Mins

5.6 779 10 0


Spring, 1987. Sung-Jin is an enthusiastic detective who dreams to live with his wife and son in a 2 story home. One day, he happens to catch Tae-Sung, the first suspected serial killer in South Korea,, thus getting involved in a secret operation led by NSP Chief Kyoo-Nam. Meanwhile, newspaper reporter Jae-Jin senses something suspicious about Tae-Sung's case. He recommends that Sung-Jin be removed from the case, but Sung-Jin, who needs money for his son's operation, has no choice but to get involved in the secret operation.


Son Hyun Joo Sung-Jin Main Role
Jang Hyuk NSP Chief Kyoo-Nam Main Role
Jo Dal Hwan Tae-Sung Supporting Role
Ra Mi Ran Sung-Jin's wife Supporting Role
Ji Seung Hyun Park Dong Gyu Supporting Role
Kim Sang Ho Jae-Jin Supporting Role
Choi Yoon So Ji-Sook Supporting Role
Park Ji Il Supporting Role
Jung Man Shik Supporting Role
Oh Yeon Ah Supporting Role

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Movie , Action , Detective , Drama , Korean


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