Manhole (2014)


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  • Release: 2014

Manhole (2014)


Movie , Thriller , Korean | 101 min

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A serial killer has been terrorizing a neighborhood in Seoul, and in the span of 6 months, 10 people have disappeared without a trace. He uses a manhole to trap his victims. His latest abductee is Soo Jung, a 14-year-old girl, and her older sister Yeon Seo is desperate to find her before time runs out.


Kim Sae Ron Soo Jung Main Role
Jung Yu Mi Yeon Seo (Soo-Jung's older sister) Main Role
Jung Kyung Ho Soo Chul Main Role
Jo Dal Hwan Pil Gyu Supporting Role
Choi Deok Moon Jong Ho Supporting Role
Jung Moon Yup Worker #1 Supporting Role
Seo Hyeon Woo [Police officer] Supporting Role
Lee Young Yoo Song Yi Supporting Role
Kim Bin Woo Victim #2 Supporting Role
Sung Yoo Bin [Manhole child] Supporting Role
Lim Chae Seon Southeast Asian worker Supporting Role
Yoon Dae Yeol worker #2 Supporting Role
Kim Mi Hee Policewoman Supporting Role
Kang Deok Joong [Rookie worker] Supporting Role
Ha Ji Eun [Haengdang woman] Supporting Role
Yoon Chan Young Soo Cheol (young) Guest Role
Kim Ku Taek Lieutenant Choi Guest Role

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Movie , Thriller , Korean

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