Young Sister-In-Law (2016)


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  • Release: 2016

Young Sister-In-Law (2016)

어린 형수

Movie , Comedy , Korean | 81 Mins

6.3 3105 10 0


Following the couple romance Main posters dealing with the unpredictable living story of living rests in the house of a married senior hero to write the screenplay "byeongsu (planned three) to an age breathtaking affection barrage of two women It has attracted containing expected to disclose the main trailer. "How we get along?" Of two women protagonists' byeongsu temptation main trailer scenes are unfolding to hand the hot, gesturing to the who trembled from fear to reach out actively flirting with the main copy to the cost of living behind putting them main poster is a copy of 'women in crisis' and with each followed by two women, and the confrontation of seksimi cheongsunmi of Boyoung (Jena) and built (vision) with different attractions. In particular, an age young sister-in-law after the jeongsasin of the movie "byeongsu 'sexual to realize the fantasy that another heroine (ARI) with breathtaking affair scene it is shown as highlighted in more movies in hot affection Colonnade show It has become a focus of interest. Yes I am aware the plot above doesn't make sense at all, I can't translate Korean properly and neither can the translators I used.


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