Russian Mom (2016)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2016
  • Director: Choi Won-joon-I

Russian Mom (2016)

reo-si-a eom-ma, 러시아 엄마

Movie , Drama , Mature , Romance , Korean | 89 mins

6.2 2795 10 0


Jang-ho who dreams of becoming a chef is pretty close to his dad Yeong-soo; enough to talk about his girlfriend and they live alone. One day, Yeong-soo tells Jang-ho that he's getting remarried to a Russian woman. Jang-ho accepts this and meets Olga. He is surprised to see a young and beautiful woman standing before him. A few days later, Yeong-soo goes to Russia on a business trip and Jang-ho and Olga get to know each other...

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Movie , Drama , Mature , Romance , Korean

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