Your Neighbor’s Wife (2013)


  • Broadcast period: 14/10/2013 to 24/12/2013
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 21:50
  • Release: 2013
  • Director: Lee Tae Gon, Kim Jae Hong
  • Producer: jTBC

Your Neighbor’s Wife (2013)

네 이웃의 아내

Drama , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean | 22 Episodes

6.1 250 10 0


This drama is about two married couples who stay in the same apartment building but in different floor. Min Sang Sik (Jung Joon Ho) is a department head for a large corporation. He already married, but is attracted to Chae Song Ha (Yum Jung Ah), who stay downstairs of him in the same apartment. Chae Song Ha works as a marketing team leader for an advertising company. She is a perfectionist and needs everything perfect at home and work. Although she has a husband who works as a doctor, her life isn’t filled with joy…


Yum Jung Ah Chae Song Ha Main Role
Jung Joon Ho Min Sang Shik Main Role
Shin Eun Gyeong Hong Kyung Joo Main Role
Kim Yoo Suk An Sun Kyu Main Role
Lee Han Na Min Eun Mi Supporting Role
Lee Ja Min Ja Min Supporting Role
Min Kyung Jin [Janitor] Supporting Role
Yeom Dong Hun Managing Director Yang Supporting Role
Yoon Hong Bin Tae Ho Supporting Role
Kim Boo Sun Gook Yeong Ja Supporting Role
Lee Byung Joon [Vice-president] Supporting Role
Lee Se Chang [Pig dad] Supporting Role
Seo Yi Sook Ha Sung In Supporting Role
Kim Jung Hak Doctor Jo Supporting Role
Kim Yong Hee Doctor Yoon Supporting Role
Moon Bo Ryung Eun Chae Supporting Role
Yoon Ji Min Kim Ji Yeong Supporting Role
Yang Jin Woo Director Jeong Supporting Role
Im Je No Ahn Min Seok Supporting Role
Kim Seung Yoon Min Eun Kyung Supporting Role
Im Shi Eun Ahn Min Kyung Supporting Role
Jung Han Yong [Assistant director] Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean

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