Two Fathers (2013)


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  • Release: 2013

Two Fathers (2013)

Liang Ge Ba Ba, 2個爸爸

Drama , Drama , Family , Friendship , Law , Life , Romance , School , Chinese | Episodes 73

5.9 472 10 0


Seven years ago, two men were notified that the women they both dated had disappeared after giving birth to a baby girl. Not knowing who the father was, the two bachelors decided to raise the baby together. Tang Xiang Xi, the smooth-talking lawyer, and Wen Zhen Hua, the sensitive florist, and the young Tang Wen Di make up a non-traditional family. Their unique living arrangement attracts the attention of the girl's pigheaded teacher and their reclusive next door neighbor.


Lai Megan Fang Jing Zhu Main Role
Yang Weber Tang Xiang Xi Main Role
Xie Lucia Tang Wen Di Main Role
Leung Cherry Wu Yong Jie Main Role
Lin You Wei Wen Zhen Hua Main Role
Zhang Marcus Fang Fei Zhu Supporting Role
Song Vanila Xiao Pei Supporting Role
Chen Lara Lin Yu Fang Supporting Role
Que Ming You Ceng Zheng Xiong Supporting Role
Zhang Ting Yi Xu Yu Wei Supporting Role
Sun Steven Fang Qing Zhu Supporting Role
Liao Jun Fang Da Tong Supporting Role
Chang Kuo Chu Tang Yao Ziang Supporting Role
Pan Ada Su Wen Wen Supporting Role
Chou Amanda Jiang Ying Fan Supporting Role
Wu Jacky Ceng Da Wei Guest Role
Huang Alice Lin Ru Hua Guest Role


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