The Unholy Alliance (2017)


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  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

The Unholy Alliance (2017)

The Alliance, 同盟

Drama , Action , Thriller , HK | Episodes 28

5.8 436 10 0


Surfer Ko Tsz Kit, who runs a B&B in Taiwan, is ambushed by assassins. Though he is saved by the agile backpacker Yuen Ching Yan, his adoptive mother dies at the scene. To probe into the matter, Tsz Kit returns to Hong Kong alone. With his best friend Tai Wah Koon pulling a few strings for him, Tsz Kit uncovers that his adoptive mother’s death is connected to Ling Hung, an Iron Lady running multiple syndicates, who is so powerful that her decision will lead to a profound impact on the economy and livelihoods of the communities. Her adopted son Kent Ling and his girlfriend Kate Wei are her think-tanks; whereas Ching Yan is her bodyguard. However, Tsz Kit's appearance turns their relationship upside down. Meanwhile, Ling Hung's affiliates are waiting for an opportunity to wreak havoc, putting her life in imminent danger. Though Ching Yan and Tsz Kit join forces to strike back, they trigger a new wave of bloodshed that is about to engulf the whole society.


Chan Ruco Ko Chi Kit Main Role
Wu Nancy Yuen Tsing Yan Main Role
Chan Joel Ling Tsin Yau / "Kent" Main Role
Yiu Elaine Wai Yi Yau / "Kate" Main Role
Lam Alex Ling Ka Ming Supporting Role
Lam Bella Law Ho Yee / "Chloe" Supporting Role
Au Jimmy Yik Fung Supporting Role
Tong Roxanne Supporting Role
Ngo Pierre Ling Chi Sin Supporting Role
Hon Mary Ling Hei Supporting Role
Paw Hee Ching Ling Hung Supporting Role
Kwok Samuel Wai Lui Supporting Role

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Drama , Action , Thriller , HK


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