The Tofu War (2017)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

The Tofu War (2017)

Brilliant Mother-in-Law, 燦爛的外母

Drama , Drama , Family , HK | Episodes 24

5.5 71 10 0


The Tofu War produced the fashion comedy drama, the story to the relationship between mother-in-law background, by Xue Jiayan, Li Nuoyi, Lin Jiahua, Tang Luowen and Yao Zi Ling starring, and by Zhang Kang and Yang Zhuona co-starring, editor Cai Shuxian, Tang Jianping, producer Ouyao Hing. In the hundred years old three-year veteran Xiao Xiuqiong (Xue Jiayan), as the general manager of the identity of the long-term cover distant relatives Tu Vailong (Lin Jiahua), attracted Prince Edward Chuang Zhang (Zhang Yingkang) dissatisfaction, coincides with friends Wang Zhaoming (Li Nuoyi) unemployed and girlfriend Ji Xiaoying (Yao Zi-han) break up to seek a transformation, the two hit it off decided to carry out a big reform for the company, the old and new camp camp day and night war, trillion Ming met childhood friends Stuart Lan (Tang Luowen) to his bitter grievances, , Who is expected to Lan's mother is Xiuqiong, Lan and Zhao Ming flash marriage is actually played as a depression forced mother concessions, but not bad together live more difficult to lead into a storm, the marriage of Zhao Ming public and private frustration to the extreme , Actually came up with foreign mothers and soybean products factory owner Fu Dezheng (Willie) to transfer FireWire, but unfortunately the wrong mandarin ducks, good things more grinding, get jokes even articles ... ...


Cheung Jonathan Dau Cheung Main Role
Lai Chris Wong Siu Ming / "Samuel" Main Role
Sit Nancy Siu Sau King / "King" Main Role
Tong Roxanne Szeto Nam Main Role
Yiu Elaine Gei Hiu Ying / "Celine" Main Role
Lam Dominic Tou Wai Lung / "Willy" Supporting Role
Yeung Griselda Yuen Pui San Supporting Role
Lam Yvonne Szeto Dan Dan Supporting Role
Chu Heidi Dau Pok Yuk Supporting Role
Chan Wing Chun Dau Si Supporting Role
Chan Otto Dau Yu Supporting Role
Chiu Raymond Che Yu San Supporting Role
Wong Ricky Chou Man Bau Supporting Role
Chu Brian Wong Siu Jin Supporting Role
Suet Nei Hung Lai Koon Supporting Role
Wong Chun Chiu Tien Hung Supporting Role
Yeow Eileen Dau Fa Supporting Role
Tam Gary Bau Lik Kei / "Garlic" Supporting Role
Chan Hebe Chi Ka Lei / "Kylie" Supporting Role


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