Temperature of Love (2017)
Ep 38


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  • Release: 2017

Temperature of Love (2017)

Sarangui Ondo, 사랑의 온도

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | Episodes 40

6.9 863 10 0


Based on the novel “Good Soup Never Picks up the Phone” by Ha Myung Hee which was published from 2013-Dec-13 via Book Road. The story of love and relationships shared by those from the internet generation. Lee Hyun Soo (Seo Hyun Jin) is an aspiring drama series writer. She uses “Jane” as her username and begins chatting online with username “Good Soup” who is actually Ohn Jung Sun (Yang Se Jong). Jung Sun dreams of becoming a French food chef. They then meet in real life and their relationship grows.


Seo Hyun Jin Lee Hyun Soo Main Role
Pyo Ji Hoon Kang Min Ho Main Role
Kim Jae Wook Park Jung Woo Main Role
Jo Bo Ah Ji Hong Ah Main Role
Yang Se Jong On Jung Sun Main Role
Ji Il Joo Supporting Role
Hwang Seok Jeong Supporting Role
Shim Hee Sub Supporting Role
Lee Mi Sook Yoo Young Mi [Jung Sun's mother] Supporting Role
Jung Ae Ri Park Mi Na [Hyun Soo's mother] Supporting Role
Ahn Nae Sang Ohn Hae Kyung [Jung Sun's father] Supporting Role
Choi Sung Jae Supporting Role
Song Young Kyu Supporting Role
Gil Eun Hye Lee Hyun Yi [Hyun Soo's sister] Supporting Role
Sun Woo Jae Duk Lee Min Jae [Hyun Soo's father] Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean


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