Swimming Battle (2016)
Ep 18


  • Broadcast period: 08/07/2016 to 11/11/2016
  • Air time: 00:00
  • Release: 2016
  • Producer: SET TV

Swimming Battle (2016)

Fei Yu Gao Xiao Sheng, 飛魚高校生

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Taiwan | 20 Episodes

6.2 1121 10 0


Can a woman who can’t remember her past and a man who is trying to hide his true identity break a swim team’s losing streak? Yu Die was a genius child prodigy who lost everything she loved. Yu Die’s mother drowned while trying to save Yu Die and, in one very bad day, Yu Die lost her mother, her memory and her ability to swim. Years later, she crosses paths with Gao Hai Fei, the CEO of a multibillion corporation. Intrigued by Yu Die’s lost memories, Hai Fei hides his true identity from her and gets mistaken for a professional part-time worker who is a jack-of-all-trades. Yu Die asks Hai Fei for his help with the “Sea Horse” Men’s Swim Team, which has never been able to win a meet and is the laughing stock of the sport of swimming. With Hai Fei searching for a “mermaid” crush from his past, will he agree to help Yu Die turn the losing swim team around?.


Wang Kingone Gao Hai Fei "Fei Yu" Main Role
Wei Mandy He Yu Die "Dolphin" Main Role
Jang Enson Lin Ke Le Main Role
Yen Cindy Fei Ou Na "Fiona" Main Role
Cai Emerson Chen Jia Luo "A Luo" Main Role
Chang Roy You Yu An "You Yu" Supporting Role
Guan Peter Fang Yi Lei "Yu Lei" Supporting Role
Lai Aaron Wang Er Tai Supporting Role
Huang Hung Xuan Ruan An Zhuo Supporting Role
Tu Charles Jin Chen Lang "A Lang" Supporting Role
Lin Vic An Ge Ming "A Wei" Supporting Role
Ying Collins Ying Shao Hua "Ying Shao" Supporting Role
Song Wayne Cui Min Hao "Hai Guai" Supporting Role
Chiu Ally Du Xiao Mi Supporting Role
Chien Dewi Qiao Ke Qi Supporting Role
Tan Ai Zhen Supporting Role
Zhang Fu Jian Xiao Zhang Supporting Role
Ba Yu Pan Duo La Supporting Role
Chou Tina Supporting Role
Lin Zoey Luo Shan Shan Supporting Role
Wilkins Ella He Yu Die "533" [Young] Guest Role


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