Surplus Princess (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 07/08/2014 to 09/10/2014
  • Air time: Thursday 23:00
  • Release: 2014
  • Director: Baek Seung Ryong
  • Producer: tvN

Surplus Princess (2014)

The Mermaid, The Idle Mermaid, 잉여공주

Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean | 10 Episodes

6 1367 10 0


Surplus Princess is a story about a mermaid who attempts to become a human being so that she can stay forever with the man she loves. EiRin (Jo Bo Ah), the eighteenth princess of the mermaid world, dreams to becoming a human because of a love one. She drinks a bottle of the human potion, before she even realize the 100 day consequences to this potion. Before she reaches the 100th day of being a human, she has to find her perfect love one. Will she be able to find him in time?


Song Jae Rim Kwon Shi Kyung Main Role
Park Ji Soo Yoon Jin Ah Main Role
Jo Bo Ah Kim Ha Ni / Aireen Main Role
Ohn Joo Wan Lee Hyun Myung Main Role
Ahn Kil Kang An Ma Nyeo Supporting Role
Nam Joo Hyuk Big Supporting Role
Kim Seul Gi Ahn Hye Yeong Supporting Role
Kim Jae Hwa Kim Woo San Supporting Role
Han So Young So Dae Li Supporting Role
Kim Min Kyo Do Ji Yong Supporting Role
Lee Seon Kyu Himself Supporting Role
Jin Hee Kyung Company President Jin Supporting Role
Kim Ha Rin Park Geum Bi Supporting Role
Kim Jin Hee Han Gook Ja Supporting Role
Moon Ji In Disappeared mermaid Guest Role
Ra Mi Ran Seblin (Ha Ni's sister) Guest Role
Moon Hee Kyung Jin Ah's mother Guest Role
Lee Ji Woo An Ma Nyeo's daughtner Guest Role
Kim San Ho Guest Role
Kim Jung Ha Guest Role
Yoo Byung Jae Guest Role
Jang Ki Yong Competitor (Ep.8-9) Guest Role
Son Woo Hyeok Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Fantasy , Romance , Korean

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