Still Lala (2016)


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  • Release: 2016

Still Lala (2016)

Hi DuLaLa, Wo Shi Du La La, 我是杜拉拉

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 40

5.3 715 10 0


Everything is going great for Du Lala. Now in her 30s, the insecurities of her younger years are behind her. She is happily married to Wang Wei and is the HR manager at work and about to face a promotion to become the HR director. But Lala’s complacent life is challenged when a new employee shows up in the form of Kathy, a beautiful woman in her 20s whose professional star shines brighter than Lala’s. Not only does Kathy threaten to take Lala’s promotion away from her, she also turns out to be a beloved former student of Wei’s mother and is well-liked by the whole Wang family, including Wei himself. To make matters worse, Kathy moves into the apartment right below Lala and Wei! Can Lala defend her career and her marriage from her new archenemy?


Qi Stephy Du La La Main Role
Wang David Wang Wei Main Role
Zhu Yong Teng Chen Yi Supporting Role
Wang Ting Kai Xi Supporting Role
Long Adela Xia Hong Supporting Role


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