Reun Phayom (2017)


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  • Release: 2017

Reun Phayom (2017)

The House of Jealousy, เรือนพะยอม

Drama , Drama , Horror , Mystery , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 15

6.6 322 10 0


story of Sal's drama, the story of disappointing love. And can not love each other in the past. This makes two girls born in this nation. The Sala is a love of the girl called "Sala Mae" is a love that occurs in the Sala. Which is the origin of the mystery, the envy, the feud. And strong love Orwith Yotthi Sombat) or Mommy girl by Kamolrat (Nuttachan Cham) friends close to Rika warns that everyone in the house rude soul. The nanny did not resign. And the Palam house is opposed to the Kamonrat family. The cause of the death of the wisa (Pattathaporn Lapunkul) in a car accident with Dr (Wachit Sopa) lover of Vida as a driver. Before Vyada died, people saw Jaruwan (Drake Sodaipitak), the girl's mum, walked in and out of Viyada's room in the hospital. An autopsy doctor agrees that Vidida is suffering from heart disease. The Shining family was fascinated by this incident. Because Viyada never had a history of heart disease before. Mysterious death makes two families unmatched. This is why Rika can not reveal that. She has a friend in the family Loyalty. Kamolrat refused to tell anyone about his friends to work at the house. Even with Panuwat (Sunthon Siwang) relatives of Kamolrat's sister who secretly liked Rika from the first encounter.


Yavapolkul Tawin Main Role
Toongkamanee Duangta Supporting Role
Kannaporn Puangtong Supporting Role
Sopha Wathit Supporting Role
Amattayakul Thipparat Supporting Role


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