Raeng Ngao (2012)


  • Broadcast period: 01/10/2012 to 04/12/2012
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday
  • Release: 2012
  • Producer: Channel 3

Raeng Ngao (2012)

Power in the shadow, Heated shadow, แรงเงา

Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Thailand | 20 Episodes

6.1 784 10 0


Mootha, the naive and innocent twin, came to find a job in Bangkok where she met Veekit, her co-worker. They became friends and Veekit started to like her, but she only liked him as a friend, he was heartbroken but continued to be there to help her. When she met her boss, a managing director, named Janepope, she fell in love with him. Janepope is a player, he already has a wife and 3 kids, but he tricked Mootha into falling for him anyway. When his wife found out that he was having an affair with Mootha, she humiliated Mootha at work and told Janepope to stop seeing her. Mootha became depressed when she found out that Janepope wasn't allowed to see her. Due to the humiliation, she went back home where she committed suicide, which was on the same day as when her older twin sister, Moonin, came home. Moonin felt that she was one of the caused for her sister's death, so she decided to get revenge for her sister by going back to Bangkok and pretended to be Mootha. Credits go to swtannenat on youtube.


Pongpanu Phupoom Veekit Main Role
Janie Tienphosuwan Mootha/Munin Main Role
Janesuda Jane Napit Supporting Role
Terdwong Rawit Janepope/ Por-or Supporting Role
Engtrakul Tanyares Napa Supporting Role
Beaver Oliver San Supporting Role
Patrat Sira Amorn Supporting Role
Lawanprasert Srungsuda Soikham Supporting Role
Benchathikun Somphop Plaek Supporting Role
Phongam Rhatha Guest Star Guest Role
Dejsong Punyapon Prapong Guest Role

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Drama , Melodrama , Romance , Thailand


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