Raeng Chang (2016)


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  • Release: 2016

Raeng Chang (2016)

Blood Pressure, แรงชัง

Drama , Drama , Thailand | Episodes 24

4.3 30 10 0


The love of the generation or the fight of the power of the generation. During the reign of King Rama V, the Kingdom of Siam had trade relations with Mainland China. There are a lot of Chinese merchants coming to Siam, and only one son of Chang. Aging Fei Long Always follow the father to meet. Mr. Luang Narapin You have to be close to her daughter Luang. When you are promoted to Luang And the Fuyang as a baron. I think the meat to brew Chang. But Khunying Chamchan Your wife disagrees. I do not know what to do. When the brewing block to protect the hand kill kill. And you kill the monk Then ordered the hunter to brew Chang to avenge his son. Bourgeois love And the meat must be broken! I do not know what to do. But when brewing, help the onion from the snake bite to impress. The couple had to escape from the pursuit of the authorities to Chumphon there, the love of the two have formed until they decide to live as a spouse. Chang Chang has renamed himself as a professional and gave birth to a son named Hari, while her flesh was married to her mother. I have a daughter named Blue.


Potranant Pakramai Support Role


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