Pride and Prejudice (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 27/10/2014 to 13/01/2015
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 22:00
  • Release: 2014
  • Director: Kim Jin Min
  • Producer: MBC

Pride and Prejudice (2014)

무법천지, Lawless World, 오만과 편견

Drama , Romance , Korean | 21 Episodes

6.7 346 10 0


A legal drama about team of young and passionate prosecutors who banded together to fight against injustice and oppression that befall weak and poor people. Besides face many hardships from higher authority, they also learn to cooperate and adjust with the clash of different personalities and backgrounds.


Choi Jin Hyuk Koo Dong Chi Main Role
Baek Jin Hee Han Yeol Moo Main Role
Son Chang Min Jeong Chang Gi Main Role
Lee Tae Hwan Kang Soo / Seo Tae Won Main Role
Choi Min Soo Moon Hee Man Main Role
Baek Su Ryeon Baek Geum Ok Supporting Role
Kim Kang Hoon Chan Supporting Role
Noh Tae Yeob Koo Dong Chi [Young] Supporting Role
Jeong Hye Seong Yoo Gwang Mi Supporting Role
Jang Hang Sun Yoo Dae Gi Supporting Role
Kwak Ji Min Song Ah Reum Supporting Role
Lee Hyeon Geol Baek Sang Gi [White Bear] / Baek Sang Dae Supporting Role
Kim Na Woon Kim Myung Sook Supporting Role
Kim Yeo Jin Oh Do Jung Supporting Role
Uhm Soo Jung [Chief Director] Supporting Role
Park Shi Eun Han Yeol [Young] Supporting Role
Choi Woo Shik Lee Jang Won Supporting Role
Jung Chan Prosecutor Choi Kang Wook Supporting Role
Choi Joon Yong Oh Taec Yeon Guest Role
Im Seung Dae Kang Mo Sung Guest Role
Maeng Sang Hoon Park Son Bae [Oh Taec Yeon's assistant] Guest Role
Jeong Seong Mo [Han Yeol Moo's father] Guest Role
Han Kap Soo Koo Young Bae [Dong Chi's father] Unknown Role

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Drama , Romance , Korean

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