Paradise Ranch (2011)


  • Broadcast period: 24/01/2011 to 15/03/2011
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 20:55
  • Release: 2011
  • Director: Kim Chul Kyu
  • Producer: SBS

Paradise Ranch (2011)

Paradise Meadow, Paradise Farm, 파라다이스 목장

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | 16 Episodes

6.3 596 10 0


Dong Joo and Da Ji were once desperately in love and married at 19 after struggling to convince their parents, but they had divorced after a mere six months. Six years later, they meet coincidentally at a horse auction in Australia and discover that their feelings for each other are still very much alive.


Lee Yeon Hee Da Ji Main Role
Shim Chang Min Dong Joo Main Role
Joo Sang Wook Seo Yoon Ho Main Role
Yoo Ha Na Park Jin Young Main Role
Choi Jong Yoon Bang Jong Dae Supporting Role
Ahn Suk Hwan Han Tae Man Supporting Role
Chun Ho Jin Lee Eok Soo Supporting Role
Yoon Ye Hee Kang Yang Ja Supporting Role
Lee Shi Eon Secretary Lee Supporting Role
Lee Doo Il Sim Soo Bong Supporting Role
Jung Eun Pyo Director Yang Supporting Role
Im Soo Hyang Lee Da Eun Supporting Role
Jo Sung Ha Jin Yeong's dad Supporting Role
Jang Yong Han Suk Sang Supporting Role
Yoon Ji Min Ji Mil Hye Supporting Role
Park Soo Hyun Baek In Soo Supporting Role
Shin Pyo Ki Tae Supporting Role
Song Yoo Hyun Yoo Song Yi Supporting Role
Na Young Hee Lee Bok Sim Supporting Role
Choi Soo Young Han Tae-man's assistant Guest Role
Lee Shi Yoo Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean

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