Pang Sanaeha (2012)


  • Broadcast period: 23/01/2012 to 23/03/2012
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday
  • Release: 2012
  • Producer: Channel 7

Pang Sanaeha (2012)

The Lost Soul; Charming Luck, ปางเสน่หา

Drama , Drama , Supernatural , Thailand | Episodes 18

5.4 209 10 0


Captain Taechyd (Tle) is put on probation after his case against Dennis, an infamous drug lord, fell through by Chief Saena. He travels to Pak Chong to stay with his best friend, Sritrung’s (Cheer) resort. There, he meets a ghost who has no memories of her past. Taechyd decides to call her Siangwaan (Min) because he finds her voice to be sweet. At first, Taechyd is terrified of Siangwaan but after a while, he begins to get used to her and eventually offers to help Siangwaan find out who she was before she died. Meanwhile, Sritrung runs into a man she believes is her ex-boyfriend from 10 years ago named Petch. However, the man claims he does not know Sritrung and tells her that his name is actually Paul. Despite being told so, Sritrung is sure that Paul is in fact Petch.


Nimtaisuk Thanapon Taechyd Main Role
Rittapinun Thikumporn Sri / Sritrung Phongphi Main Role
Peechaya Wattanamontree Siangwaan Main Role
Kantathaworn Gun Petch Harnronnarong / Paul Main Role
Promsut Tunsinee Ketsarin / Ketsara Supporting Role
Jaikunta Nonthapan Sak Supporting Role
Puwadol Nawapol Jiang Supporting Role
Pongpipat Punyaporn Prokdeun (call by Deun) Supporting Role
Pitaklohpanit Noppon Thanakon Supporting Role
Pohpiti Daraneenuch Aunty Churi Supporting Role
Kannaporn Puangtong Lada Guest Role
Funkaew Nichanun Unknown Role

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Drama , Drama , Supernatural , Thailand


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