Ojakgyo Brothers (2011)


  • Broadcast period: 06/08/2011 to 19/02/2012
  • Air time: Sunday, Saturday 21:55
  • Release: 2011
  • Director: Ki Min Soo
  • Producer: KBS2

Ojakgyo Brothers (2011)

Ojakgyo Family, The Brothers of the Ojakgyo, 오작교 형제들

Drama , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean | 58 Episodes

7.8 570 10 0


This is the story of a family with 4 sons who live together on a farm near Seoul. Hwang Tae Shik (Jung Woong In) is the oldest son, and a bit of a sad sack, despite being a department head physical therapist. He desperately wants to get married, and as he is nearing 40, his family wants him to as well. Hwang Tae Bum (Ryu Soo Young) is the second son and a handsome, driven, aggressive, up-and-coming reporter who is uninterested in a long-term relationship. Hwang Tae Hee (Joo Won) is the third son and a honest, justice-obsessed policeman, slow to speak his mind, but full of convictions. He is their grandma’s favorite, her “baby.” Hwang Tae Pil (Yun Woo Jin) is the youngest son, the baby of the family, and is a lazy playboy always trying to come up with the next great business scheme, as long as it’s not real work. Into their lives comes Baek Ja Eun (Uee), a spoiled, rich young woman who faces a harsh reality when her father goes missing and his business goes under, leaving her homeless and penniless. A twist of fate brings her to Ojak farm, and into the lives of the Hwang family.


Joo Won Hwang Tae Hee Main Role
Park Joon Geum Nam Yeo Kyung [Soo Yeong's mother] Main Role
Baek Il Sub Hwang Chang Shik [Father] Main Role
Kim Yong Gun Cha Hyun Jae [Soo Yeong's father] Main Role
Yeon Woo Jin Hwang Tae Pil Main Role
Uee Baek Ja Eun Main Role
Kim Yong Rim Ship Kap Nyeon [Grandmother] Main Role
Kim Ja Ok Park Bok Ja [Mother] Main Role
Jeong Wung In Hwang Tae Shik Main Role
Ryu Soo Young Hwang Tae Bum Main Role
Choi Jung Yoon Cha Soo Yeong Main Role
Jeon Mi Seon Kim Mi Suk [Tae Shik's old school friend] Supporting Role
Jo Mi Ryung Jung Yoon Sook [Ja Eun's stepmother] Supporting Role
Song Sun Mi Nam Yeo Wool [Soo Yeong's aunt] Supporting Role
Lee Dong Hoon Seo Dong Min [Detective] Supporting Role
Jung Suk Won Kim Jae Ha [Tae Hee's stepbrother] Supporting Role
Kang Min Suk Supporting Role
Yoo Jang Young Nam Woo Yeong Supporting Role
Lee Young Ha Baek In Ho [Ja Eun's father] Supporting Role
Park Choong Seon [Criminal intelligence investigation team leader] Supporting Role
Ahn Hye Kyung [IBC radio DJ] Supporting Role
Song Ki Yoon Lee Ki Chul Supporting Role
Kim Hae In Han Hye Ryung Supporting Role
Kim Hyeok Hwang Chang Hoon Supporting Role
Park Hee Gun Hwang Gook Soo [Tae Shik's son] Supporting Role
Ye Seo Jin Seo Jin Supporting Role
Heo Tae Hee Choi Hyun Wook Supporting Role
Jung Joo Ri [Blind Date Woman] Guest Role
Jang Gwang Retired Officer Bong Guest Role
Kim Kyung Jin [Returning Student] Guest Role
Yoon Joo Hee Sung Ye Jin Guest Role
Wi Yang Ho [Detainee] Guest Role
Lee Mi Do Nam Sook Guest Role
Yun Ju Sang [Chief Secretary] Guest Role
Yoon Taek Guest Role
Kim So Young Lee Sun Mi Guest Role
Hong Ji Young Ah Ra Guest Role
Yoo Gyeom Nam Woo Yeong Guest Role
Choi Jin Ho Manager Kim Guest Role
Han Sung Yong Unknown Role
Jang Moon Seok Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Family , Romance , Korean

  • Trailer Ojakgyo Brothers
  • Trailer Ojakgyo Brothers
  • Trailer Ojakgyo Brothers


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