Oh My Venus (2015)


  • Broadcast period: 16/11/2015 to 05/01/2016
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 22:00
  • Release: 2015
  • Director: Kim Hyung Suk
  • Producer: KBS2

Oh My Venus (2015)

Oh My God, 오 마이 갓, 오 마이 비너스

Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean | 16 Episodes

6.8 8535 10 0


Kim Young Ho (So Ji Sub) is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with patience and stubbornness. Meanwhile, Kang Joo Eun (Shin Min Ah) is 33-years-old lawyer. She has struggled to support her family. Now, she is overweight and challenge her-selves for a diet.


So Ji Sub Kim Yeong Ho / John Kim Main Role
Shin Min Ah Kang Joo Eun Main Role
Jung Gyu Woon Im Woo Shik Main Role
Yoo In Young Oh Soo Jin Main Role
Sung Hoon Jang Joon Sung Supporting Role
Lau Henry Kim Ji Woong Supporting Role
Choi Il Hwa Kim Sung Chul Supporting Role
Kim Jeong Tae Choi Nam Chul Supporting Role
Song Yoo Ha PD Ko Supporting Role
Hong Yoon Hwa Jo Hyun Jung Supporting Role
Kwon Ki Sun Kwon Ok Boon Supporting Role
Kwon Soon Joon Go Min Jun Supporting Role
Lee Seung Ho Kim Yeong Joon Supporting Role
Kim Yong Jin Public official Byun Tae Supporting Role
Kwak Chang Shin [Stalker] Supporting Role
Ban Hyo Jung Lee Hong Him Supporting Role
Jeong Hye Seong Jang Yi Jin Supporting Role
Nam Ki Ae Je Soon Ja [Joon Sung's mom] Supporting Role
Ahn Ji Hoon Kang Jae Hyuk Supporting Role
Jin Kyung Choi Hye Ran Supporting Role
Jo Eun Ji Lee Hyun Woo Supporting Role
Choi Jin Ho Min Byung Wook Supporting Role
Kim Jeong Seok [Law Firm President] Supporting Role
Lee Dong Jin [Yi Jin's Manager] Supporting Role
Hong Hwa Ri Kang Joo Eun [Young](Ep.16) Guest Role
Kang Ye Bin [Client](Ep.1) Guest Role
Lee Hyo Je Yeong Ho [Child] Guest Role
Jung Han Bi [Woman on blind date](Ep.2) Guest Role
Jun Jae Hyung (Ep.5) Guest Role
Kim Ik Tae Unknown Role
Jo Sun Mook Unknown Role
Lee Tae Geum Unknown Role

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Drama , Comedy , Romance , Korean

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