Neighborhood Hero (2016)


  • Broadcast period: 23/01/2017 to 20/03/2016
  • Air time: Sunday, Saturday 23:00
  • Release: 2016
  • Director: Kwak Jung Hwan
  • Producer: OCN

Neighborhood Hero (2016)

Local Hero, 동네의 영웅

Drama , Crime , Mystery , Thriller , Korean | 16 Episodes

7.2 887 10 0


Former secret agent Baek Shi Yoon (Park Shi Hoo) is a well-trained human weapon. Hiding his past, he buys the bar “Neighborhood” and runs it is as the owner. He gets close to the neighborhood regulars at his bar and sympathizes with their pain. He then meets a young man, Choi Chan Kyoo (Lee Soo Hyuk) who works as a temporary employee. Choi Chan Kyoo wants to become a police officer. Baek Shi Yoon trains him as a secret agent and they fight together against evil.


Park Shi Hoo Baek Shi Yoon Main Role
Jo Sung Ha In Tae Ho Main Role
Kwon Yu Ri Bae Jung Yeon Main Role
Lee Soo Hyuk Choi Chan Gyu Main Role
Ahn Suk Hwan Park Sun Hoo Supporting Role
Ji Il Joo Jin Woo Supporting Role
Choi Deok Moon Supporting Role
Go In Bum Supporting Role
Lee Han Wi Team Leader Song Supporting Role
Kang Nam Gil Seo Joon Suk Supporting Role
Jin Kyung Sun Young Supporting Role
Yoon Tae Young Yoon Sang Min Supporting Role
Song Jae Ho President Hwang Supporting Role
Park Soon Chun Joo Hee Supporting Role
Choi Yoon So Seo Ahn Supporting Role
Ji So Yeon Ye Joon Supporting Role
Kang Kyung Hun Kang Ri Soo Supporting Role
Kim Bo Mi So Mi Supporting Role
Lee Chul Min Jo Bong Chul Supporting Role
Yoo Hye In Im Soo Bin Supporting Role
Yeon Woon Kyeong Supporting Role
Lee Hae Woo Supporting Role
Cha Soon Bae General Manager Hong Supporting Role
Jung Man Shik Jung Soo Hyuk Supporting Role

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Drama , Crime , Mystery , Thriller , Korean

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