My Ages Apart (2017)
Ep 26


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

My Ages Apart (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , HK | Episode 50

6.7 50 10 0


Following a strange incident, banking industry star Bobby Au-Yeung suddenly turns into post-90s youth James Ng! He meets Louis Cheung, who experienced the same transformation, and James' aunt Maggie Siu, whom he lives with. Bobby watches as his former apprentice Moses Chan tries to climb into the upper class society by becoming involved with his wife Kristal Tin and socialite Ali Lee. Bobby vows to defeat Moses using James' identity and make a comeback in the banking industry!


Mak Louisa Sung Ka Ka Support Role
Tam Zoie Sheung Ho Ka / "Julene" Support Role
Kong Elena Sheung Ho Sau / "Julie" Support Role
Kong Kaman Sheung Ho Yee / "Evon" Support Role
Chiang David Sung Lai Support Role
Chan Anjaylia Sung On On Support Role
Ma Helen Sheung Hing Din Support Role
Hu Paisley Seung Ho Ching / "Jacqueline" Support Role
Kwan Eddie Ko Man Kin Support Role
Kung Katy Sheung Ho Yan / "Vivian" Support Role
Leung Sammy Koo Tin Nok Support Role
Wu Hubert Poon Wing Hang / "Henry" Support Role
Chu Mimi Chan Yuen Fan / "Fanny" Support Role
Hui Benz Lui Chan Support Role
Chong Jacquline Sheung Ho Chung / "Ginger" Support Role
Ng James Bao Bao Support Role
Fan Amy Lai Sui Chu Support Role
Chiang Angel Yeung Chi Wai / "Sophia" Support Role
Au Yeung Bobby Sung Chung Gei / "Richard" Main Role
Cheung Louis Lau Hang / "Walking" Main Role
Shiu Maggie Bao Mei Na / "Dina" Main Role
Chan Moses Kuang Gong Sang / "Mike" Main Role
Tin Kristal Ling Kit Yue Main Role
Lee Ali Sheung Ho Yiu / "Paris" Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , Romance , HK


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