Mon Rak Asoon (2016)


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  • Release: 2016

Mon Rak Asoon (2016)


Drama , Comedy , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 27

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Nampeung a teacher on a district school. Now, she has a problem when her father get blind and her mother gets severely illness. And her father takes property to montage with Sia Songyod, and if she can't pay back on time. Her property will be occupied or being mistress of Sia Songyod. Her father's friend who working with Terd advises her to work with Terd by teaching Nont who is Terd's son. When Nampeung meet Terd who is drinking addiction and bad tempered and his son that be an aggressive child. She almost doesn't work with Terd but she still has a problem, so she decides to agree with the term of Terd. Terd send her parent to heal at Bangkok and help to pay a debt for Nampeung. Nampeung has to be a wife and maid of Terd till be in expiration. Terd start seeing her goodness, because her diligent and kindness, but Nampeung is kidnapped to rape by Sia Songyod but Terd can help her. Nant is anger because he doesn't need Nampeung to be his stepmother, so he decides to write the letter to Tuenjai who is ex-lover of Terd. Tuenjai comes to Terd's house. Both of Tuenjai and Nont oppress Nampeung in every way that includes blaming her having affair with Pratueng who is headmaster at school which Nampueng used to teach. That make Terd is so anger, and rape her. Then, Nampeung sees that Tuenjai and Terd hug each other that make her is so sad. Nampeueng decides to back to her house, meanwhile, her parent gets well. Finally, Tuenjai makes trouble that makes worker quite, so Terd back to reconcile Nampeung, but she doesn't come back. Then, Sia Chutchai who collaborate with Sia Songyod to sell illegal wood kidnap Nampueng and Nong again, and Terd can save both of them. Nont admit Nampeung to be his stepmother, and call her as "mother". Three of them hug each other and happily ever after.


Toekongsap Rattapoom Therd Main Role

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Drama , Comedy , Romance , Thailand


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