May Fortune Smile On You (2017)


  • Broadcast period: 09/01/2017 to 17/02/2017
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

May Fortune Smile On You (2017)


Drama , Comedy , Drama , HK | Episodes 30

4.6 65 10 0


One mistake by the God of Fortune changes the fates of Mui Choi Gon and Wong Bak Man. Wong Bak Man becomes rich and prosperous, while Mui Choi Gon's wife and daughter leaves him and he now runs a street noodle shop alone. One day, Mui Choi Gon meets Wong Bak Man's son, Wong Chiu Choi, and the two of them feel an inexplicable bond. But because of his father's objection, Wong Chiu Choi, along with his bodyguard can only help out Mui Choi Gon in secret. Wong Chiu Choi makes special arrangements for Mui Choi Gon's god-daughter, Lin Chi Yung, to go work at his father's company. It turns out that Wong Chiu Choi is the incarnation of the God of Fortune. Although he has lost his magic powers, he still brings good luck to the people around him. Unfortunately, his step-mother, Tsui Sim, is the incarnation of the evil spirit and prevents Wong Chiu Choi from getting close to Mui Choi Gon. Tsui Sim arranges for Ng Hiu Ting to pretend to be Mui Choi Gon's long-lost daughter in order to make him lose everything. By heaven's kindness, Wong Chiu Choi is hit with lightning and enlightened just in time to fix the mistake before it's too late. He helps Mui Choi Gon become rich, but Mui Choi Gon keeps generously helping other people and cannot accumulate wealth. Wong Chiu Choi decides to catch everyone in one cast and reforms Congratulations Lane, where Mui Choi Gon lives, to make everyone rich...


Suen Snow Siu Wan Support Role
Cai Guo Qing Support Role
Chu Tracy Fung Siu Yung Support Role
Ching Rainbow Yau Yue Si Support Role
Tse Brian Nau Yuk Gon Support Role
Yeung Harriet Lung Chuen Fung Support Role
Tay Joe Nau Lik Support Role
Yuen Benjamin Chu Cheung Fun Main Role
Wong Mandy Ng Do Yu Main Role
Koo Jerry Ng Do Ho Main Role
Yiu Claire Tsui Sim Main Role
Ma Kenneth Chu Gam Chun Main Role
Sinn Pal Wong Bak Man / Wong Yat Sin Main Role
Fu Kelly Lin Chi Yung Main Role
Lai Wayne Mui Choi Gon Main Role
Chow Niki Yi Yung Yung Main Role
Lai Winki Ng Hiu Ting Main Role
Ho Matthew Wong Chiu Choi Main Role
Lau Kong To Dei Gung / Ga Si Yan Supporting Role
Chan Joel Choi San Supporting Role
Wu Jack Gam Jam Supporting Role
Fan Amy Ho Yim Hung Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Drama , HK


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