Look Tard (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 03/03/2014 to 14/04/2014
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday
  • Release: 2014
  • Producer: Channel 3

Look Tard (2014)

Child of a Slave, Luk That, ลูกทาส

Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 13

5.8 496 10 0


Kaew (Ken) is a slave in the late 1800′s Thailand under King Chulalongkorn’s reign during the Chakri dynasty. He grows up during a time when slavery is coming to an end in Thailand. Kaew is what you would call a grandfathered slave meaning in all technicality he is a slave because his parents were slaves. He essentially inherited the disposition of being a slave. Society was changing, new laws were put in place that would allow Kaew to retire from slavery at 21. However, his master (creditor), Phraya Chaiyakorn refused to free him. The story centers around Kaew, his struggle for freedom and the love he has for Namtip played by ‘Bella’ Ranee Campen, the young noble woman who is the daughter of his master and the heart of his inner strength. Eventually he does obtain his freedom and becomes a nobleman.


Pongpanu Phupoom Kaew Main Role
Bella Vanita Namtip Main Role
Ratchakrome Gosin Bomee Supporting Role
Pongwilai Suchao Muenlop Supporting Role
Tipgomut Warit Manoj Supporting Role
Chatwilai Chomchai On Supporting Role
Wongphudee Panadda Mae Nom (Mae Nim's Mom) Supporting Role
Sirisantana Warit Kut Supporting Role
Atthaseri Klot Phaya Decharonnaphop Supporting Role
Ruengsri Kamolned Bojun Supporting Role
Charipsakun Paweena King Supporting Role
Theppitak Sornram Nitithom Ruaocha [Phra] Supporting Role

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Drama , Drama , Historical , Romance , Thailand


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