Lom Sorn Ruk (2015)
Ep 3


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  • Release: 2015

Lom Sorn Ruk (2015)

Wind's Hidden Love, ลมซ่อนรัก

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 14

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Nadech plays a twin; one is a doctor and the other one is a businessman. Each of them have their on love interest. Patarin is a young girl weak towards the world and thought that her boyfriend gave his love to her sincerely but realized she got deceived and was used as a tool. Now she has to pay for the things he left her to pay. One day she goes home to her birthplace in the countryside to rest and treat her deeply injured heart. Patarin meets and receives an offer from Pranon, a doctor who is an idealist to marry with him to deceive his parents in exchange for a large sum of money for her to pay off her debt. Nadach also plays the twin and businessman named Pran. Pran has his own loveline with Aunna played by Patricia Good.


Nadech Kugimiya Pranon / Pran Main Role
Temeeruk Nataporn Patarin Main Role
Ammarat Jakkrit Supporting Role
Oonhanun Kriengkrai Phasuwat Supporting Role
Suriyon Aroonwattanakul Thana Supporting Role
Patricia Tanchanok Good Pat Anna Supporting Role
Chuaykua Laphasrada Chomanard Supporting Role
Charipsakun Paweena Pharadi Supporting Role


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