Let's Fall in Love (2016)


  • Broadcast period: 07/11/2016 to ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2016
  • Producer: Hunan TV

Let's Fall in Love (2016)

Zan Men Xiang Ai Ba, 咱们相爱吧

Drama , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 58

5.4 226 10 0


Let's Fall in Love urban emotional drama "We love it," the story focuses on three girlfriends through their own efforts to gain dignity and love story. Female architect Lin smiled (played by Zhang Jingchu) belongs to a tendon innate character, too adhere to the principle also let her career and marriage being blocked, failed marriage plus unemployment, but also to take care of his mother, Lin smiled hard life. Lin smiled girlfriends Cai Chun Ni (Qin Lan played) is another big life, CAI Chun-ni married in CAI Chun-ni live a happy life, girlfriends Pan Zhizhi (Zhang Xin Yi played) is a successful career, they are and Lin smiled grew up with buddies but Cai Chun Ni and Pan Zhizhi could not understand who was who, I'm always able to smile acts as lubrication between them, three people friendship always keep hot. Lin smiled turning point occurred in the well-known architect and time (played by Hong Yuan) meet, life begins from Lin smiled enormous changes, career, love blossom bars, but only to fall in love with the Pan Zhizhi time, last time choose Lin smiled, but I'm telling smiled Pan Zhizhi own accident and had a margin of time overnight, the dark end tire bead now. After informed Lin smiled dilemma between friendship and love. Surface feast CAI Chun-ni, but behind the scenes to make things difficult for her mother to suffer in silence and resentment following the woman, with the arrival of first love Peter Wong Valley (Ming played), revealing the great secret buried Tsai, her family, marriage, friendship, and therefore face a major test of the final three girlfriends withstood the test, he won the love and friendship.


Ming Dao Huang Chao Gu Unknown Role
Qin Lan Cai Chun Ni Unknown Role
Zhang Xin Yi Pan Zhi Zhi Unknown Role
Zhang Jing Chu Lin Xiao Xiao Unknown Role
Yuan Justin Shi Guang Unknown Role

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Drama , Romance , Chinese

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