Legal Mavericks (2017)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

Legal Mavericks (2017)

Crossing Boundaries, The Unlawful Justice Squad, 踩過界

Drama , Crime , Law , HK | Episodes 28

5.8 453 10 0


Different from an ordinary lawyer series, the main characters in this series are a blind lawyer whose senses transcend sight and has an extraordinary sense of touch, a private investigator who uses grey-area tactics to collect evidence, a female paralegal with a triad background, and a liberal judge who challenges the legal industry's conservative culture. They all have one commonality, that is, in order to defend justice, they are willing to use borderline tactics. The cases in this series will mostly reflect the rights of special groups, including the elderly, women and children, the disabled, those with mental disorders and transgender people... These special groups are actually all around us. Through the profession and tactics of the four main characters, the multi-perspectives make the audience think about the law. For example, a case of a young girl breaking into a house and assaulting someone brings together blind lawyer Vincent Wong, private investigator Owen Cheung, paralegal Sisley Choi and judge Ali Lee. At the same time as finding the truth in the case, the fates of the four people become linked together. With case after case that reflects the legal rights of special groups, the relationship between them also changes...


Wong Vincent Man San Hap / "Hope" Main Role
Choi Sisley Chiu Ching Mui / "Deanie" Main Role
Lee Ali Wong Lai Fan / "Never" Main Role
Cheung Owen Kuk Yat Ha / "Gogo" Main Role
Wong Hugo Fa Yeh Supporting Role
Chak William Cheng Lap Kiu Supporting Role
Chan Toby Poon On Supporting Role
Chu Tracy Dai Tin Yan / "Yanice" Supporting Role
Sinn Pal Dai Dak Yan / "T.Y." Supporting Role
Hui Jack Dai Tin Yau Supporting Role
Lam Gilbert Wai Kwok Ham / "Gotham" Supporting Role
Ho Quinn Luk Ka Yat Supporting Role
Tam Zoie Ngai Yu Chan Guest Role
Chiang Angel Ho Shuk Kei Guest Role
Chan Hebe Guest Role


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