Kularb Rai Narm (2010)


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  • Release: 2010

Kularb Rai Narm (2010)

Rose Without Thorns, กุหลาบไร้หนาม

Drama , Drama , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 13

5.7 607 10 0


Nantawadee and Nucharee are sisters with the same father. Their grandmother doesn’t accept Nantawadee’s mother because she’s a bar girl. Grandmother tries to ask to adopt Nantawadee, but her mother refused, so Nantawadee has to grow up among the bar girls. When her father is dead, Nuanjai, Nucharee’s mother intends to share some inheritance to Nantawadee, but she gives the condition that Nantawadee must move to live in her grandmother’s house. Nantawadee accepts to move in and pretends to be good to her new family, but in her mind, she doesn’t like her grandmother and Nuanjai. And she’s also jealous of Nucharee, she tries to steal everythings that belongs to Nucharee. Finally, she can steal Lieutenant Sarat, Nucharee’s fiance to get married with her instead. Later, Nadda, the bright-futured ambassador’s secretary comes close to Nucharee and fall in love with her. When Nantawadee knows that Nadda is richer and better than her husband, she tries to divorce her husband and approachs Nadda.


Sperbund Urassaya Nucharee Main Role
Boonyasak Laila Nantawadee Main Role
Nampan Patchata Nadda Main Role
Toongkamanee Duangta [Nantawadee's mom] Supporting Role
Tipgomut Warit Lieutenant Sarat Supporting Role
Chatwilai Chomchai Phuangsoi Supporting Role
Jarujinda Danai Anutawat Supporting Role
Sukapat Jintara Mam Nuanjai Supporting Role
Samipak Sawitree Lady Rujira Supporting Role
Wilaisak Phitsamai Wari Wipakon Guest Role


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