I Have a Lover (2015)


  • Broadcast period: 21/08/2015 to 28/02/2016
  • Air time: Sunday, Saturday 21:55
  • Release: 2015
  • Director: Choi Moon Suk
  • Producer: SBS

I Have a Lover (2015)

I’m Taken, 애인 있어요

Drama , Melodrama , Korean | 50 Episodes

6.6 489 10 0


Do Hae Kang (Kim Hyun Joo), is a successful lawyer, but she wants to become more successful. Due to her ambitions, her relationship with her husband, Choi Jin Uhn (Ji Jin Hee), deteriorates. At that his time, Jin Uhn meets Sul Li (Park Han Byul), who attends the same graduate school. Her personality is pure and enthusiastic, like his wife Hae Kang had in the past. Hae Kang then has an accident and loses her memory. She meets Baek Suk (Lee Kyu Han), and live as her younger twin sister Yong Gi.


Ji Jin Hee Choi Jin Eon Main Role
Kim Hyun Joo Do Hae Gang / Dok Go Yong Gi Main Role
Park Han Byul Kang Seol Ri Main Role
Lee Kyu Han Baek Seok Main Role
Seo Dong Hyun Baek Hyun Supporting Role
Shin Soo Yun Baek Jo Supporting Role
Kim Do Yeob Baek Bum Supporting Role
Kim Ha Yoo Dok Go Woo Joo Supporting Role
Lee Sang Hoon [Guy ordered to follow Yong Gi] Supporting Role
Choi Jung Woo Baek Jun Sang Supporting Role
Lee Jae Yoon Min Kyu Seok Supporting Role
Jang Won Yeong Byun Kang Seok Supporting Role
Seo Dong Won Go Hyun Woo Supporting Role
Seo Ji Hee Baek Ji (real name: Jang Soo Young) Supporting Role
Lee Shi Won Lee Hye Joo [Teracop Plaintiff] Supporting Role
Lee Chae Mi Baek Jo (as young child) Supporting Role
Lee Jae Woo Kim Sun Yong [Dok Go's fiancee] Supporting Role
Na Young Hee Hong Se Hee Supporting Role
Dok Go Young Jae Choi Man Ho Supporting Role
Lee Seung Hyung Kim Tae Ho Supporting Role
Baek Ji Won Choi Jin Ri Supporting Role
Gong Hyung Jin Min Tae Seok Supporting Role
Kim Cheong Kim Gyu Nam Supporting Role
Kang Boo Ja Nam Cho Rok Supporting Role
Park Ha Young Baek Ji (as young child) Supporting Role

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Drama , Melodrama , Korean

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