High Society (2015)


  • Broadcast period: 08/06/2015 to 28/07/2015
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 22:00
  • Release: 2015
  • Director: Choi Hyung Hun
  • Producer: SBS

High Society (2015)

Chaebol’s Daughter, True Romance, 상류사회

Drama , Family , Romance , Korean | 16 Episodes

6.9 2186 10 0


Meanwhile, Yoon Ha’s manager is Choi Joon Ki (Sung Joon), a man who is determined to succeed to leave his destitute upbringing behind him. He even begins to think that marrying a well-connected woman will finally give him the lifestyle he desperately seeks. In her job, Yoon Ha makes fast friends with her co-worker, Lee Ji Yi (Im Ji Yun), and also meets Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung shik), the heir to the mall conglomerate where the food market is located. Chang Soo is very accustomed to his well-to-do lifestyle and enjoys having women fawn all over him because of his wealth. That’s why he is intrigued by Yoon Ha’s complete lack of interest in him. Will Yoon Ha be able to find true love, or will she learn that money and love can’t be separated as easily as she had hoped?


Im Ji Yeon Lee Ji Yi Main Role
Uee Jang Yoon Ha Main Role
Sung Joon Choi Joon Ki Main Role
Park Hyung Shik Yoo Chang Soo Main Role
Yoo So Young Jang So Hyun [Yoon Ha's second older sister] Supporting Role
Go Doo Shim Min Hye Soo [Yoon Ha's mother] Supporting Role
Jung Kyung Soon [Chang Soo's mother] Supporting Role
Choi Yong Min Butler Hong Supporting Role
Nam Myeong Ryeol Choi Young Ho [Joon Ki's father] Supporting Role
Yun Ju Sang Jang Won Shik [Yoon Ha's father] Supporting Role
Lee Sang Woo Jang Kyung Joon [Yoon Ha's older brother] Supporting Role
Bang Eun Hee Kim Seo Ra [Mistress] Supporting Role
Yang Hee Kyung Lee Min Sook [Joon Ki's mother] Supporting Role
Jeong Seong Yoon [Chang Soo's older brother] Supporting Role
Kwon Soo Hyun Lee Tae Gun Supporting Role
Yoon Ji Hye Jang Ye Won [Yoon Ha's older sister] Supporting Role
Lee Seung Hyung Chief Kim Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Bin Choi Joon Ki [young] Guest Role
Park Jung Soo [Food market customer #1](Ep.1) Guest Role
Kim Mi Ryu [Food market customer #2](Ep.2-3) Guest Role
Kim In Woo Unknown Role

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Drama , Family , Romance , Korean

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