Hidden Identity (2015)


  • Broadcast period: 16/06/2015 to 04/08/2015
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 23:00
  • Release: 2015
  • Director: Kim Jung Min
  • Producer: tvN

Hidden Identity (2015)

Hide Your Identity, 신분을 숨겨라

Drama , Crime , Investigation , Thriller , Korean | 16 Episodes

7.1 333 10 0


This drama is about “criminal Investigation 5”, a police unit formed to battle violent crimes using undercover operations.


Kim Bum Cha Geon Woo Main Role
Lee Won Jong Choi Tae Pyeong Main Role
Yoon So Yi Jang Min Joo Main Role
Park Sung Woong Jang Moo Won Main Role
Choi Jung Woo President Lee Supporting Role
Kwon Min Supporting Role
Im Hyeon Seong Jin Deok Hoo Supporting Role
Im Jong Yun Han Sang Joon Supporting Role
Kang Sung Jin Nam In Ho Supporting Role
Lee Sang In Ha Yun Mi Supporting Role
Kim Tae Hoon Min Tae In Supporting Role
Kim Min Joon Teacher Jung Supporting Role
Lee Kyeong Yeong Choi Dae Han Supporting Role
Heo Jae Ho Jung Sang Joon Supporting Role
Kim Byeong Chun Ma Sang Wook Supporting Role
Kang Sung Yoo Jin Woo Supporting Role
Jeong Jin [Geon Woo's partner](Ep.1) Guest Role
Jang Seo Hee Ji Won [Teacher Jung's daughter] Guest Role
Lee Min Ji Yeon Soo [Patient](Ep.6) Guest Role
Seo Yu Jeong Eom In Kyung (Ep.11-12) Guest Role
Uhm Soo Jung Park Min Yeong [Prosecutor] Guest Role
Kim Ji Won Min Tae Hee [Min Tae In's sister] Guest Role
Kim Ha Rin Yeon Hwa Guest Role
Lee Ji Yeon Unknown Role
Hong Sang Jin Unknown Role
Oh Dae Hwan Unknown Role

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Trailer Hidden Identity 1

Drama , Crime , Investigation , Thriller , Korean

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