Heroes of Remix (2017)
Ep 5


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017

Heroes of Remix (2017)


Drama , Game-Show , Reality-TV , Chinese | 100+

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The series is based on a similar competition format in Vietnam with the same name. Different from the past variety shows in China, the show features Electronic Dance Music (EDM) marking China's first-ever variety show featuring the music genre. With the introduction of EDM in the western world, the show hopes to extend its possibilities of electronic music-making in China. According to People's Daily's music producer Liu Zhou (刘洲), "In China, the development of EDM somewhat lags behind, and we are not able to keep up with industry trends. If everyone else is making electronic music but we are not, we will stay behind."[4] In this sense, Heroes of Remix aims to introduce the real meaning of EDM to its viewers, particularly to the Chinese people. In contrast to the popular belief that EDM is all about being 'fast-tempo nightclub tunes' only, the show would bring about the 'true essence of electronic music' in the context of Chinese music. However since EDM is defined as "...one of the most transportable" by Forbes Magazine, not only will the performers bring elements of Chinese traditional culture into the remixes of their songs but they are also welcome to incorporate other traditional cultures from other countries. In this way, they would be producing new and creative remixes of their song


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