Golden Cross (2014)


  • Broadcast period: 09/09/2014 to 19/06/2014
  • Air time: Wednesday, Thursday 23:00
  • Release: 2014
  • Director: Hong Suk Goo, Kim Jon Yun
  • Producer: KBS2

Golden Cross (2014)

골든 크로스

Drama , Crime , Family , Melodrama , Romance , Korean | 20 Episodes

5.7 529 10 0


This drama is about a man’s revenge after getting involved in a scheme of “Golden Cross” that is responsible for the conspiracy that destroyed his family and ultimately claimed their lives. Golden Cross is a group of top 0.001% that controlled Korea’s economy from an unknown place. Kang Do Yoon (Kim Kang Woo) cares for his mother and younger sister a lot, but his younger sister is murdered. He then decides to take revenge upon the perpetrator.


Kim Kang Woo Kang Do Yoon Main Role
Uhm Ki Joon Michael Jang Main Role
Han Eun Jeong Hong Se Ra Main Role
Lee Shi Young Seo Yi Re Main Role
Jeong Bo Seok Seo Dong Ha Main Role
Lee Ho Jae Kim Jae Kab Supporting Role
Choi Woo Suk Bong Chang Soo Supporting Role
Lee Chang Wook James Supporting Role
Kim Jung Hun Alex Supporting Role
Park Byung Eun Gil Sang Joon Supporting Role
Lee Dae Yeon Kang Joo Wan Supporting Role
Park Won Sang Im Kyung Jae Supporting Role
Jung Ae Ri Oh Geum Shil Supporting Role
Jo Hee Bong Kang Joo Dong Supporting Role
Jo Deok Hyeon Kwak Dae Soo Supporting Role
Kim Gyu Chul Park Hee Seo Supporting Role
Lee Ah Hyun Kim Se Ryeong Supporting Role
Jung Won Joong Kwon Se Il Supporting Role
Seo Min Ji Kang Ha Yoon Supporting Role
Kang Julien Evan Supporting Role
Go Soo Hyeon Unknown Role
Jung Hae Na Unknown Role
Hwang Se Jeong Unknown Role
Lee Joo Seung Chang Hi Unknown Role

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Drama , Crime , Family , Melodrama , Romance , Korean

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