Giant (2010)


  • Broadcast period: 10/05/2010 to 17/12/2010
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 21:55
  • Release: 2010
  • Director: Yoo In Shik
  • Producer: SBS

Giant (2010)


Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Korean | 60 Episodes

6.7 488 10 0


This drama tells the story of three siblings who grew up in the 1970’s. Lee Kang Mo, his older brother Sung Mo and younger sister Mi Joo were separated at a young age when their father was killed in a smuggling scheme and their mother also died subsequently. When they are able to reunite years later, they had all reached adulthood and are determined to exact revenge upon the people responsible for their misery.


Park Jin Hee Hwang Jung-yeon Main Role
Park Sang Min Lee Sung-mo Main Role
Joo Sang Wook Jo Min Woo Main Role
Jeong Bo Seok Jo Pil Yeon Main Role
Lee Bum Soo Lee Kang-mo Main Role
Hwang Jung Eum Lee Mi Ju Main Role
Moon Ji In Manbo Construction's female employee Supporting Role
Song Kyeong Cheol Nam Yeong Chool Supporting Role
Lee Gi Young Min Hong-ki Supporting Role
Yun Yong Hyeon Go Jae-choon Supporting Role
Park Jin Hee Hwan Jeong Yeon Supporting Role
Nam Ji Hyun Hwang Jung-yeon (Teen) Supporting Role
Choi Ha Na Yeom Kyung-ja Supporting Role
Son Byung Ho Hong Ki-pyo Supporting Role
Moon Hee Kyung Oh Nam-sook Supporting Role
Jung Seung Won Yeom Shi Duk (Teen) Supporting Role
Yoo Ji Hyeon Cha Hwa Yeon Supporting Role
Lee Eun Jung Jin-ah Supporting Role
Hwang Taek Ha Yoo Chan-seong Supporting Role
Lee Hyo Jung Han Myeong-seok Supporting Role
Ji Yoo Myeong Wol-i Supporting Role
Yoo Hyeong Kwan Yeom Jae-soo Supporting Role
Im Hyuk Baek-pa Supporting Role
Kim Seo Hyung Yoo Kyeong-ok Supporting Role
Noh Young Hak Jo Min-woo (Child) Supporting Role
Im Jong Yun Yoon Ki Hoon Supporting Role
Choi Min [Maljuk street boss] Supporting Role
Seon Hak [Agent] Supporting Role
Lee Moon Shik Park So-tae Supporting Role
Kang Hyun Jung Supporting Role
Shin Seung Hwan Yeom Shi-duk Supporting Role
Lee Duk Hwa Hwang Tae Sop Supporting Role
Kim Gyu Chul Private Lender Noh Supporting Role
Kim Hak Chul Oh Byung-tak Supporting Role
Kim Soo Hyun Lee Sung Mo [Teen] Supporting Role
Kim Jung Hyun Hwang Jung-shik Supporting Role
Hong Yeo Jin Yang Myung Ja Supporting Role
Yeo Jin Goo Lee Kang-mo (Teen) Supporting Role
Kim Sung Oh Cha Bu Cheol Supporting Role
Lee Seung Hyung Moon Sung-joong Supporting Role
Park Ha Young Lee Mi-ju (Child) Supporting Role
Min Joon Hyun Guest Role
Bang Gil Seung [Instructor] Guest Role
Choi Min Maljuk Street boss Guest Role
Kim Kyul [Jo Min Woo's friend] Guest Role
Han Da Min Soo-yeon Guest Role
Park No Shik Park Choong-kwon Guest Role
Lee Kyu Ri Bunny Girls Guest Role
Jun Jin Gi detective lieutenant Guest Role
Ryu Sung Hoon [Jeong Yeon's bodyguard] Guest Role
Yoon Yoo Sun Mother of Lee siblings Guest Role
Kim Sun Il Jo Min-woo's friend Guest Role
Kim Young Sun Yoon Ki-hoon's wife Guest Role
Cha Soo Min Nurse Kim Guest Role
Jeong Gi Seong [Prosecutor] Guest Role
Choi Eun Suk Cha Boo-cheol's subordinate Guest Role
Yoon Ji Min Unknown Role
Jang Moon Seok Unknown Role

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Drama , Action , Drama , Romance , Korean

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