Faith (2012)


  • Broadcast period: 13/08/2012 to 30/10/2012
  • Air time: Monday, Tuesday 21:55
  • Release: 2012
  • Director: Kim Jong Hak
  • Producer: SBS

Faith (2012)

The Great Doctor, 신의

Drama , Medical , Korean | 24 Episodes

7.1 4423 10 0


This drama shows the love between a warrior from the Goryeo Period and a female doctor from the present day, their love transcending time and space. Yoo Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun) is a 33-year old plastic surgeon in the year 2012. She was originally a general surgeon, but quickly found that it was an overworked, under-paid profession and jumped ship to plastic surgery. Her dream is to someday open her own practice. But one day, Choi Young (Lee Min Ho) kidnaps her and takes her back to the Goryeo era because needing her medical skills. Their love story spans centuries but also warring beliefs. He gave up on love to be an unflinching warrior.


Kim Hee Sun Doctor Yoo Eun Soo Main Role
Lee Min Ho General Choi Yeong Main Role
Yoon Gyun Sang Deok Man Supporting Role
Park Yoon Jae Prince Deok Heung Supporting Role
Baek Gwang Doo Chung Seok Supporting Role
Kim Jong Moon Oh Dae Man Supporting Role
Lee Phillip Jang Bin Supporting Role
Kim Hyung Jong Lee Saek Supporting Role
Choi Suk Jin Ki Won Supporting Role
Sung Hoon Cheon Eum Ja Supporting Role
Jung Yoo Chan Joo Suk Supporting Role
Jo In Pyo Goo Yang Gak (Yang Sa) Supporting Role
Kwang Hoon Jeom Oh Supporting Role
Song Kyeong Cheol [Man Bo Sibling] Supporting Role
Kim Tae Han Ahn Jae Supporting Role
Lee Sook Man Bo Sister Supporting Role
Song Min Hyung Lee Je Hyun Supporting Role
Shin Eun Jung Hwa Soo Supporting Role
Kang Chang Muk Dol Bae Supporting Role
Ji Yoon Ho Ji Ho Supporting Role
Kwon Min Ahn Do Chi Supporting Role
Choi Won Hong Kyung Chang Supporting Role
Kim Mi Kyung Choi Yeong's aunt Supporting Role
Lee Byung Joon Jo Il Shin Supporting Role
Kim Hyun Ji Ok's criminal Supporting Role
Kim Soo Yeon Deo Gi Supporting Role
Yoo Oh Sung Ki Cheol Supporting Role
Choi Chang Yeob Shi Wool Supporting Role
Park Se Young Princess Noh Goog Supporting Role
Oh Jae Moo Lee Sung Gye Supporting Role
Ryu Deok Hwan King Gong Min Supporting Role
Kim Hyo Sun Mae Hee Guest Role
Oh Hyun Chul King Chung Hye Guest Role
Ahn Jae Wook [Eun Soo's ex-boyfriend](Ep.1) Guest Role
Park Hwi Soon Eun Soo's second man Guest Role
Choi Min Soo Choi Yeong's master Guest Role
Oh Gwang Rok Fortune teller Guest Role
Park Sang Won Yuan Envoy / Son Yoo (Ep.19) Guest Role
Hwang Woo Yun Unknown Role

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Drama , Medical , Korean

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