Fah Jarod Sai (2013)


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  • Release: 2013

Fah Jarod Sai (2013)

Where the Sky Meets the Sand, ฟ้าจรดทราย

Drama , Action , Romance , Thailand | Episodes 11

5.8 335 10 0


Michelle is a mixed orphaned girl who grew up in a convent. When she graduated from school, she followed her best friend Kasfiya to a distant desert kingdom called Hinfara to teach. As soon as they get there, Kasfiya is assigned to the palace to be a lady of the court (i.e. concubine) for King Admed, the ruler of Hinfara. It was foretold by the Royal fortune teller that the woman who will give birth to King Admed’s heir has arrived to Hinfara. Following traditional custom of the land, Sharif, the King’s beloved friend/royal officer will delivery that woman to King Admed. On the night of the delivery of Michelle to King Admed, Oman, a younger relative of King Admed, created a rebellious uprising and had King Admed executed in front of Sharif, a royal officer. Sharif was very devastated by the lost, he fought with the rebel army and fled with Michelle into the wide and open desert. Together Sharif and Michelle had to face the dry harsh elements of the desert landscape as they were being hunted down by Oman’s rebel army.


Rapanich Arnus King Ahmed Main Role
Satjakul Theerapat Sharif Main Role
Usamanee Kwan Michelle Delaroni Main Role
Cowell Sammie Princess Chalida Supporting Role
Nimakorn Kotchakorn Princess Farida Supporting Role
Salitun Dueantem Princess Zubaida Supporting Role
Wattana Usanee King Ahmed's Wife Supporting Role
Kittisara Morakot Kasfiya / Cathy Supporting Role
Salamonay Stephan Robert Supporting Role
Yaowananon Pitisak Yusuf Supporting Role
Atthaseri Klot Ali Supporting Role


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