Destination Nowhere (2017)


  • Broadcast period: ??
  • Air time: ??
  • Release: 2017
  • Producer: TVB

Destination Nowhere (2017)

Lost, 迷

Drama , Comedy , Mystery , HK | Episodes 28

5.6 552 10 0


CID officer Man Kiu Pak is a little man who achieved meritorious deeds by fluke and is promoted to inspector. Opportunistic reporter Gai Wing Yin appears to be a blissful wife, but she is actually troubled by finances and is stuck between her daughter and second husband. The honest, dumb thief Cheung Hak works hard to be a good person, but is forced to do desperate acts for a living. He and his partners Lau Chau and Kwan Kai carry out a kidnapping, but abduct the wrong person. The "victim" hijacks their kidnapping attempt and teaches them to kidnap her mother. A plan that seems perfect, but along the way, there are mistakes... mistakes... mistakes... Trying to cover up the mistakes, but instead creating even more mistakes; a supposedly loving and caring relationship, yet there is mutual suspicion. It sounds absurd, but real life is sometimes even more absurd than dramas! Using black humour to bring out a suspenseful plot and eccentric life, so surprising that you cannot stop watching.


Tin Kristal Gai Wing Yin "Cal" Main Role
King Kong Cheung Hak Main Role
Cheng Kevin Man Kiu Pak Main Role
Chak William Lo Sir Supporting Role
Lee Becky Cheung Ma Lee Supporting Role
Wong Derek Dai Tau B / Chan Fa Supporting Role
Chan May Cheung Fei Supporting Role
Lau Lisa Chiu Siu Hung Supporting Role
Chak Tyson Kwan Kai Supporting Role
Chan Toby So Man "Rachel" Supporting Role
Yuen Louis Lau Chau Supporting Role
Lai Winki Man Tse Yue Supporting Role
Ng James Lam Ga Wing Supporting Role
Wong Parkman Wong Chi Ching Supporting Role
Ho Yvonne Chou Siu Ting "Nat" Supporting Role
Chan Christy Lee Lam "Candy" Supporting Role
Leung Oscar Lee Dai Hing Supporting Role
Tam Gary Ma Chi Ban "Ben" Supporting Role
Cheung Max Ngai Chit Supporting Role
Chan Gary Yim Cheng Sam Supporting Role

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Drama , Comedy , Mystery , HK


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