Demon Girl 2 (2017)


  • Broadcast period: 30/12/2016 to ??
  • Air time: Friday
  • Release: 2017

Demon Girl 2 (2017)

Demon Girl, 半妖倾城第二季

Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Chinese | Episodes 15

6.3 795 10 0


The story picks up from where season one left off. Nie Qing Cheng makes a promise to the demons to cut off all forms of contact with Ming Xia who no longer has memories of the past, yet their fates take on a more tragic turn now that Nie Qing Cheng fully embraces her demonic identity while Ming Xia transforms into a demon hunter.


Zhang Zhe Han Ming Xia Main Role
Li Yi Tong Nie Qing Cheng Main Role
Merat You Tong Main Role
Xu Joe Wang Shao Tang Supporting Role
Wang Mao Lei Nie Ru Feng [Qing Cheng father] Supporting Role
Deng Sha Hong Yi Supporting Role
Kan Adi Yao Bi Tao Supporting Role
He Rui Xian Jiang Xue Wu Supporting Role
He Vincent Sheng Jia Yu Supporting Role
Dai Xiang Yu Duan Shao Qin Supporting Role
Chen Zi Han Hua Yue Nong Supporting Role
Lin Peng Cao Yan Yan Supporting Role
Ma Steven Mo Yuan Supporting Role
Waite Jozef You Tong [Young] Supporting Role
Zhang Yi Jie Yong Ye Supporting Role
Hong Yao Fu Xing Bang Supporting Role
Cheng Zi Ning Nie Qing Xin Supporting Role
Song Wei Long Supporting Role
Zhang Viann Grand Consort Jin Guest Role
An Ady Ying Die [Qing Cheng's mother] Guest Role
He Hong Shan Pian Pian [You Tong's mother] Unknown Role
Huang Johnny Nurhaci Unknown Role
Wang Jiro You Yuan [You Tong's father] Unknown Role
Price Tom [Head doctor] Unknown Role

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Drama , Fantasy , Romance , Chinese


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